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How to grow business online by using Mapians App?

To grow business, apps are playing a vital role. In the huge market of smartphones business owners can take remarkable advantages. Nowadays apps are basic for business visionaries to additionally improve their businesses and organizations. 

When beginning a business, a business person unmistakably decides the targets and organizes them straight away. Especially the ways which are useful in cost cutting those are most considarable. To achieve success in business customer engagement, online sales, promotion, communication, service, support and connections these are essential factors.  

For the local businesses it is the most known and notable thing that their target audience use their smartphones rather than using laptops or computers. So they can use features like geo-location.

Here we are introducing Mapians Live offer search engine with a bunch of advanced and unique features. Mapians is the first leading platform to show your business ads to the nearby location app users. Mapians help local businesses to post advertisements which can reach to exactly required target audience nearby business location itself with offers posted to get live bookings or visits to your shops or stores. 

What Mapians do for businesses ?

Mapians is an area focused live offer search engine and it helps the business owners and professionals to advertise, promote and support businesses as well as customers in the nearby business locations. Businesses can get the right customers at an easily affordable cost. Mapians is especially helpful for local stores, hotels, restaurants, cafes, service providers, professionals who are unable to grow their businesses due to online web aggregators.

Local stores or businesses can post their offers, deals and discounts and get business conversion immediately on a regular basis till the time the ad is running. With the unique feature business owners can show the ad for a particular area by selecting the radius of the business area for promotion. The biggest advantage of the Mapians app is that the business owners or the shop owners don’t need to negotiate with their profit margins. So they can save their  20-25% loss of profit. 

Mapians come up with advanced indigenous sales, marketing and supportive systems (CRM Tool), that helps you to build the database of your customers as well as allow you to manage booking and complaining systems.  

How to use Mapians ?

Go live with 4 simple steps

First download the Mapians Business app and get registered 

Quick Signup using Your contact number with OTP verification, or Google or Facebook

Create Page and give your business information

Create advertisement Configure the Ad as per Instructions

Start getting bookings

Start Interacting with Live Users

What are the Features of Mapians app ? Benefits for Business Owners?

Your own independent advertising platform

Save your huge money on the promotion

Don’t share your profit and margin 20-25% while getting customers

Promotion on social media is still unpredictable, Mapins helps you to get right business conversion on an affordable cost

Add your wallet balance as per your convenience and requirement. 

No Hidden charges or contracts.

Businesses can manage their own delivery functions. 

Interact with your customers by chat or on call

Affordable cost and limited investment on real time basis

Pay for views and costs for your running ad. 

Mapians will work like CRM and Notifications Booster for every new offer on a daily or hourly basis.

Track your bookings, ads performance and live monitoring

Get reviews and complaints

All your Data with us is 100% Secured, Safe in Indian Datacenters under the Gov. Rules & Regulations

Promote Page Created on Mapians helps you to rank on Google using Organic Search Engine Optimisation

Realtime Notifications & Alerts for every Visitors, Bookings, Interests, Complaints 24*7 and 365 days

24*7 and 365 days Service and Support Assistance from Mapians Business Team for any concerns.

Who can use Mapians ?

Businesses, Brand stores, Restaurants and cafes, Cab booking, Hire professionals, Jobs, Home services, News, Entertainment, Education, Healthcare, Finance. 

Why download the Mapians Business app ?

Unlike other apps Mapians have their own features which make it a complete unique and different app. Mapians allows businesses to attract more customers from the nearby areas. So that businesses can sell more products in valuable time. Mapians indigenous sales, marketing & support system (CRM Tool) is very efficient to manage your business. Due to this tool all the essential information will be at your fingertips anywhere, anytime. To build better customer relationships, Mapians function and operate all time. 

With the app business and professionals can increase their communication with customers by providing a level of value so they can’t go anywhere else. Mapians is a profoundly compelling approach to do this is to make a reliability program. 

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